Jains try to avoid anger and judgmentalism, remaining open-minded by remembering that any issue can be seen from many angles, all partially true. They tell the story of the blind people who are asked to describe an elephant. The one who feels the trunk says an elephant is like a tree branch. The one grasping a leg argues that an elephant is like a pillar. The one feeling the ear insists that an elephant is like a fan. The one grasping the tail insists that an elephant is like a rope. And the one who encounters the side of the elephant argues that the others are wrong; an elephant is like a wall. Each has a partial grasp of the truth.
Mary Pat Fisher (describing anekantwad, a principle in Jainism)

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Some actual good advice from cosmo that I thought I should put out there
Iris flowers at work :)
My beach
Newest addition to my body art collection :)
Exhibit A
Dennis gets sad when we all go out without him :(

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oh my god, you’ve been pregnant for so long… it seems like a maternity

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