Dennis gets sad when we all go out without him :(
andrewthereiner asked:

V - 3 big dreams.
1. own a business
2. have an audi
3. have a cute little family 

your blog is like a solid 9.5 honestly i really like your posts!


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Snapchat’s finest

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falsely-advertized asked:
What do you think about yourself?

im sorry im just seeing this im a horrible person. hahaha

but i guess sometimes i think im alright. most of the time thought, its a topic i avoid with myself because if i think about it, there’s so much i would change*

*i could change this stuff if i wasn’t so lazy and such a procrastinator but i’d like to change those about myself someday. ;)


oh my god, you’ve been pregnant for so long… it seems like a maternity

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love youuuu
(twitter/instagram/snapchat: beeresa) :)))
talk to meeeee
im bored
send me good questions and ill rate your blog or something
idk send me anons or something
My accidental John Bender game is strong.
One year ago today, I made the best decision of my life and got on a plane to Paris where I knew no one and barely spoke the language. 4 months and 5 countries later, I was leaving the place I came to know as home and all the amazing people I met along the way. I guess I’ll just have to keep drinking wine and eating cheese to get me through until I can get back.
Why do I always post selfies when I get drunk?
Snowy snowy nightttttt. 
Watching netflix. Someone come cuddle and bring hot cocoa!
Getting wastey in ac

Wine in a cat glass. 
I’m one classy bitch.


Beyoncé - Partition

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